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My theme for Inclusive Sport Design in 2018 is "TAKE ACTION!".

This survey is to help ME take action so I can help YOU take action.  There are only 5 questions so it won't take you long at all.

Thanks so much for taking the time to complete this little survey. I appreciate you!
Let's go!
What's your current challenge? *

Tell me the biggest challenge you have right now when it comes to making inclusion happen in your sport club or organisation. Be as descriptive as you like!
So, how can I help? *

What do you wish you had that would help you overcome the challenge you just told me about? Give me as much detail as you like.
How do you like to learn? Select your #1 choice. *

We all learn in different ways and have different needs. Tell me how I can best help you get the knowledge you need.

Theres plenty of formats that we can deliver our content in but what's important is that we give it to you in the format you like best!

So tell me, how do you want our content delivered? *

Select your most preferred option.

What's your social media channel of choice? *

Tell me where you'd love to connect with the wider Inclusive Sport Design community. You can select more than one if you like but I'm really keen to know where you want us to build our community.


Sorry, I know I said there were only 5 questions but this is a bonus one so it doesn't count ;D

I want to know the burning questions our community needs answers to. Chances are someone else has the same question as you or could benefit from the answers you need without even realising it.

I'm going to collect all these questions up and then I will figure out a way to get these questions answered and shared with you.

Please also give us your details so we can give you a shout out when we answer your question.

Just a note: While I will do my very best to answer each question I can't guarantee it and I also cant promise a direct response to you (although I will do my very best). Plus where questions are very similar I will combine them to avoid double up. Thanks for understanding!
Ask me anything!

What is an inclusive sport question you wish you had the answer to right now.

TIP: Try to be as specific as possible and keep it to one question. If you have more questions just drop me a line on Facebook or Twitter anytime.
Tell me more about you.

This is the last part and its completely optional.

I'd love to know more about you so I can best serve your needs.

If you'd like me to give you a shout out when I answer your burning question give me at least your name and email.
What's your name?

What's your sport?

What's your role in sport?

All done!

Thanks so much. I appreciate you and look forward to serving you better in 2018 and beyond!
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